Mining Monitor

MiningMonitor Affiliate is a monitoring and stats service for Bitcoin Mining. We provide monitoring, SMS notifications and advanced stats that help a miner maximize their income!


  • Send visitors to our site with your affiliate code ( ie )
  • They signup for one of our accounts
  • You get paid every time we make money off them!

Affiliate program 

MiningMonitor program


Become an affilaite today and start earning money for every subscriber

  • Earn 0.05btc per SMS Refill!
  • Earn 0.05btc per Silver Account!
  • Earn 0.05btc recurring per MONTH for every Gold Account!
  • Earn 0.45btc recurring per YEAR for every Platimum Yearly Account!


  • Payments collected and sent to you in Bitcoins!
  • Three month cookie. Get credit if they come back any time in the next three months and join!
  • Get paid if a free account upgrades!
  • Detailed Stats
  • Simple Linking Codes
  • Payment History
  • More!

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