ICO Thrive is one of the most innovative and path breaking domains, which facilitate Digital Marketing like never before. The domain is designed to promote a marketing platform for premium advertisement, which is based on meritocracy and community.

It operates by following the principle of block chain as well as smart contracts. While the block chain ensures absolute transparency, and full proof safety. It also ensure security of the data, smart contracts guarantee a lightning fast and assured payment in return of the investment.

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Besides, a trustworthy and meritocratic mechanism for effective reputation management, which is based on concurrent reviews. It also ensures the ratings of the website on the search engines. Smart contracts form the bridge that connects block chain with the advertisers and publishers without the interference of any 3rd party. This is needed to reduce the AD fees.

The company comprised of Marketing, Financial, Legal, Sales and Ops departments. However, a core team is the heart of company. Besides, there is a multidisciplinary and Dynamic team, which has years of experience in digital marketing. The company structure is basically a ‘flatarchies’, which is a combination of flat structure and a hierarchal setup.

The personal information of the participants along with their identity proofs computed and stored in legal database. Citizens of USA and China are not entitled to participate. All tokens generated as well as distributed after the completion of KYC/AML and once the TGE has ended. Minimum amount allotted against claim token amounts to 1000 THRT.


  • ICO Thrive pays the investors a monthly rate for browsing internet
  • There is a reviewers’ community, which guarantees that the publisher websites will show a clear idea to the advertiser about premium placement.
  • Blockchain ecosystem goes all the way in improving industry efficiency. Since there is no 3rd party or intermediary present, the fees automatically lower down and create value for the business. This proves that the investors are absolutely safe with ICO Thrive.
  • The company has a highly innovative platform that facilitates flawless data management. It helps you collect crucial data as you continue trading and carry out transactions.
  • A comprehensive community of reviewers guarantees that everything is absolutely transparent.
  • The existence of blockchain ecosystem improves the efficiency of the trading.
  • A sound management mechanism also guarantees that there is hardly any risk of fraudulent practice from any quarter.

The platform provides services listed below:

  • Placing as well as advertising from the partners
  • Content of the platform regulated by the community with the help of a set of transparent as well as simple rules and regulations.
  • Rewards paid to the users who provide comprehensive data before investment.


  • The operations are controlled by FCA
  • Foolproof security
  • Insurance coverage is  provided in case of blockchain settlement
  • Tools that designed to gauge future prospects


  • Trading platform is somewhat complex for the newcomers

The revenue Streams

  • 10% fee for each and every advertisement marketplace transactions
  • 1000 Euro coin equivalent monthly DMP platform rate that is flat
  • 5 Euro coin equivalent cost of CPM for every 1000 advertisements, using DMP data

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With a hopeful platform launch date of December of this year, Thrivelabs aims to revolutionize the online world of ads and ad buying. They want to be as transparent as possible and are controlled by the FCA. If they accomplish what they set out to do the sky may very well be the limit. When it comes to ICO’s it’s very difficult for us to simply say yay or nay. We like them so far, so do some more research and see where you land. Chances are you will be on the yay sise in our opinion.

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