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The cryptocurrency market is abuzz with lot of developments and stories of people becoming millionaires around the world are growing by the minute. Cryptocurrency investors, traders and businesses launching ICOs, exchanges and many other businesses are leveraging the power of cryptocurrencies. If you too have been scouring the internet for cryptocurrency related information and wish to join the bandwagon then it’s important that you make an informed investment.

Like all other financial investments, you should do considerable research before putting all your hard-earned money into something as volatile as Bitcoins or Litecoins. There’re millions of investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency domain like SpectroCoin and FreeBitco ; however, we’re going review Monetize Coin and find out whether it’s worth your time and money or not.

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What exactly is Monetize Coin?

Monetize Coin, as the name suggests, promises to make you super rich quickly and without much effort. It claims to be an incredible platform for making quick money and the business has launched its ICO recently. Well, the company isn’t selling any product or service and instead is based on staking and lending. Investors like you and me will invest our money, which the company shall lock for a certain period of time before giving us enormous returns. The company promises more than 40% of the investment as monthly returns to all its investors. The Monetize Coin ICO starts on January 22nd 2018 and ends on February 14th 2018.

The team at Monetize Coin has managed to develop an analytical bot that is capable of predicting conversion rate from website traffic data. They claim to have written an algorithm similar to Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. User data like log in time, location, keywords, browsing data etc. are used to produce data points. There is very limited information available on the website so you won’t be able to find much about the company’s founder or its operations.

How to invest in the Monetize Coin ICO?

The ICO lets you invest by buying MNZ tokens or by buying them at the integrated exchange later. After you buy the MNZ tokens, you will have to choose from 4 different types of Investment Packages in order to take part in their lending scheme. Here are more details of the plans:

  • Investments between $100 and $1000: 40% monthly ROI, 239 days Lock-in period
  • Second investments between $1001 and $5000: 40% monthly ROI + 0.10% every day, 179 days Lock-in period
  • Investments between $5001 and $10000: 40% monthly ROI + 0.20% every day, 120 days Lock-in period
  • Investments between $10000 and Above: 40% monthly ROI + 0.20% every day, 99 days Lock-in period



  • The company offers minimum 40% return on investments as low as $100
  • You get to earn in Bitcoins
  • Follows the old and trusted MLM business architecture


  • Company doesn’t offer products or services
  • High returns raises suspicion of a scam


Monetize Coin Affiliate Marketing

The company offers great affiliate marketing opportunities to people who want to earn in Bitcoins. You just need to register as an affiliate and then purchase MNZ points, wherein the price of each point is 37 cents. Now, you’ll have to lend those points to Monetize Coin in order to earn the monthly variable ROI. In addition to this, affiliates can earn referral commission, which is decided through the Unilevel System wherein an affiliate can earn to the 5th level. Thus, affiliates who want to earn more and make it big needs to keep adding or recruiting more people. Affiliates are encouraged to earn through both referral commission as well as investing money for the monthly ROI.

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MonetizeCoin Affiliate Review

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This is a tricky one, as figuring out what exactly they do can be difficult. They have no product or service but claim huge returns on your investment. We also have no idea who is behind this company. That being said there are legitimate claims of people making money with them, primarily through their affiliate program. I would recommend however diving much deeper then just this review before giving them any of your money. Read 100’s of reviews, fourms, etc, and if you still don’t fully understand how they operate hit eject.

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