Update March 23 2018:

These guys seem to have just disappeared now. Website is down and all LinkedIn Profiles are gone as well. Seems they just ran off with everyone’s money.

Once again it shows how you must do you due diligence before investing. is a payment domain, which has been designed for bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and conventional market. The objective of is to help individuals as well business houses in sending, spending, storing, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It does the same for fiat currencies, with the help of web wallets, conventional debit cards, payment gateways, IBAN, terminals and the likes.

Denaro has come up with a payment platform, which has an intuitive interface and secured for wallet storage. It also offers a debit card for the benefit of the traders.

The company has an absolutely secured and customizable SCi? APIs, which are designed to work for the merchant services, which will in turn facilitate payment for the online service provided or offline use of web wallet or a conventional debit card.

The wallet of Denaro can used with a number of currencies and this allows the traders to transact using crypto currencies from an address. The ecosystem of Denaro uses certain utility tokens that are known as DNO tokens. Other tokens that it accepts include Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (EH).


  • Users are able to store as well as carry out transactions with the help of cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC DNO and the likes from a solitary interface.
  • They can shop online as well as offline with the use of multi-cryptocurrency debit card
  • There is no need to incur any additional fees to send cryptocurrencies from beyond the scope of Denaro System.
  • The traders are provided with an IBAN or International Bank Account Number, which helps them carry out international deals in Fiat currencies.
  • Users who carry out huge volume of transactions can apply for personal debit card.


  • Availability of Discounts while making payments
  • Low fees of transaction that are almost 0%
  • Bonuses available for users with high volume of trading
  • Discounts available for loading debit card
  • Low volatility risk for the merchants.
  • Higher liquidity rate than most of the other major cryptos


Plans about the project were at first made public through the forums towards the end of January 2018. Though the company does not have any products to offer or services to provide at present, yet they are coming up with their own ICO. The token sale for the DNO is already under ways from the current month.

This has caused an alarm in some quarter in the sense that it is more like a sort of ICO scam than like a genuine opportunity to invest.

Besides, some very basic information, you won’t much information online. Even the official website of Denaro fails to provide you the critical information for the perusal of its customers. Also, the website as well as the whitepaper that has been launched terribly misses out on critical technical details, which the traders must know before they invest. Also, there is no information about the existence of any plan(s) to sort out the major banking issues.

Denaro Affiliate Review


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Denaro’s main selling point is their claim to a single user-interface for storing, spending, and sending different Cryptocurrencies in a secure manner. However as far as we can tell this system is yet to materialize. As of now we can’t recommend it. But if you are interested in what they have to offer we suggest doing some deep research before making your final decision.
UPDATE as of March 23rd: CryptoCompare who were originally backing this ICO have sent out a mass email apologizing for their endorsement as they no longer trust it. That being said, we strongly advise you dig further and do your own due diligence prior to investing with any ico.

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