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BTCpop started its journey in 2014 with its headquarters in Majuro, Marshal Islands. A number of borrowers and lenders started the company in order to create a better peer to peer lending platform. Now, it has extended its business in more than 60 countries. Although BTCpop launched as a peer-to-peer lending website, it has started to offer some new features like Bitcoin stock trading, mining shares, IPOs, and pooled investments. Thus, traders are able to execute different types of Bitcoin investments within one user-friendly website.

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BTCPOP does not call itself a cryptocurrency exchange; rather it’s quite similar to a Bitcoin bank. However, BTCpop has investment pools that allow clients to invest in several Bitcoin securities bearing different risk factors. The funds can be divided between the diverse rating pools for risk diversification. The few different lending pools that owned by BTCpop are generally known as auto-invest.

Investment in cloud Mining Shares:

Contrasting from the other peer to peer loan websites, BTCpop has cloud mining of its own. The traders can invest in the cloud mining shares as BTCpop follows transparency while trading with the investors. Apart from the fact that there are mining dividends and maintenance fees, these shares are similar to any other stock. However, the mining operation generates lower profit over the time with an increase in difficulty level.

Let’s go through some features of BTCpop:

  • Since there are collateral on certain loans, it automatically enhances the reliability
  • Loans disbursed to the clients who verify their income as well as address and government ID
  • On the basis of loan history and authenticity, a few of the loans are insured or protected against default
  • Users can take part in the audit of the company’s economics

BTCpop chooses to store the Bitcoins in cold storage to keep those protected against hackers. Customers can apply for a smaller or larger amount of loan as BTCpop has a high volume of cryptocurrency. The company has been trying to achieve top rank among its contemporaries since its launch and has recently managed to reach the landmark.


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation from feature to feature
  • Interest can be earned in Bitcoins
  • Clients can generate their own Initial Public Offering campaign
  • Reliable cryptocurrency lender
  • The clients have the liberty of putting PoS coins at stake
  • Accepts clients from US and UK



  • Problem in repaying the loan
  • The fees are collected by BTCpop after disbursement of loan
  • Quite dicey because the properties are backed primarily by reputation

BTCpop affiliate program:

The registration process to become an affiliate partner of BTCpop is similar to the ones offered by its competitors. However, the biggest difference is the lifetime revenue share that an affiliate partner keeps earning throughout his/ her association with BTCpop. If the affiliate partner is looking for one time commission, BTCpop not the right choice for him/her. However, the affiliate partner will get a lifetime revenue share of up to 0.5% that will make up for the loss.

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BTCpop Affiliate Review

Our review
  • 5.2/10
    Affiliate Program - 5.2/10
  • 9.6/10
    Features - 9.6/10
  • 8.4/10
    Reputation - 8.4/10
  • 8.9/10
    Security - 8.9/10
  • 9.4/10
    Usability - 9.4/10


This is a company with plenty of room to grow if they continue on the straight and arrow. As of now they claim a 5% return on bitcoin investments, sometimes if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Granted we are yet to test it, but they seem to have an overall positive presence in the community. Trying them out with a small investment as a test would be our recommendation as of now.

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