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To every Bitcoin trader, ALFAcashier isn’t quite a new name because it’s one of the oldest and trusted cryptocurrency exchange partner. The company promises to offer innovative service delivery through ingenious and automated business processes. This electronic crypto exchange facilitates automated crypto exchange services with no human intervention. All the payments are processes instantly owing to the use of an efficient system used by ALFAcashier. In order to complete a transaction, you’ll just need two confirmations.

ALFAcashier was established in 2012 as a crypto exchange service in order to provide higher and profitable exchange rates. It create a secure and accountable service for the customers. The company started accepting Bitcoins within a year of starting its service. Soon it also started other cryptocurrencies like Monero, Dash, Ethereum etc. ALFAcashier upped its game in 2015 by introducing Auto Exchange feature. This helped in setting up an automatic exchange that facilitated currency exchanges while abolishing the need to visit the website.

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Account Levels

ALFAcashier offers four different types of account levels, wherein higher account holders entitled to greater discounts. As you carry out more and more transactions while the amount in your account reaches a certain limit.  your account will be automatically upgraded. Fee value and discount for every transaction automatically calculated.

Customer Support

ALFAcashier promises excellent customer support through online live chats and ticketing systems. Since the company focused on delivering low cost exchange services to its customers. So you can expect to receive even 10% discount on your transactions if you use the services regularly.


Trading on ALFAcashier done in the most secured and confidential manner. Hence users can expect to experience absolutely secure transactions. Personal information stored in an encrypted form in a secured server. So data pilferage is never really an occurrence to worry about. The ALFAcashier team is always monitoring the system. So that any suspicious changes in the payment systems or market quickly detected and the system is secured.

 ALFAcashier Affiliate Program

 ALFAcashier affiliate program promises to help you make money using one of the most trusted and transparent affiliate programs in the crypto domain. Every affiliate stands to get an opportunity to earn more than 20% as referral commission. Just like all other affiliate programs, here too you will be provided with a referral or tracking link that you need to share with others. Now, you can use your Facebook page or Twitter account or blog to promote and share the affiliate link. For every successful sign up, you’ll receive your affiliate commission directly into your Bitcoin wallet. For Basic level affiliate partners, the commission is 3% and keeps increasing as you move higher up the chain. However, once you reach the VIP level, you entitled for a whopping 20% commission.

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If you’re a seasoned affiliate then you won’t pass this opportunity for others because very few businesses in the crypto world are reliable. Often we get to hear stories of affiliates not receiving their dues, which is definitely not the case with ALFAcashier.

Alfacashier Affiliate Review

Our Review
  • 9.2/10
    Affiliate Program - 9.2/10
  • 9.7/10
    Features - 9.7/10
  • 9.8/10
    Reputation - 9.8/10
  • 9.2/10
    Security - 9.2/10
  • 9.4/10
    Usability - 9.4/10


As one of the pioneers of Crypto Exchanges it should come as no surprise that these guys are good. Transactions are smooth, safe and quick. They also have a great affiliate program where you can make some extra coin rather easily. Nothing bad to say about these guys.

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