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There aren’t many portfolio and tax tracking platforms in the cryptocurrency domain that can match the efficiency and accuracy offered by Cointracking. With over 273,212 active users, Cointracking is certainly gaining quick popularity over the past few years. The start-up company was founded by Dario Kachel in 2013. It was the first cryptocurrency portfolio management tool in the world.

Popular among users for its interactive charts and detailed statistics on a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Cointracking also offers an intelligent tax tracking system. It provides a well equipped mobile application for both androids as well as iOS users. Let us find more about this platform and see how it can actually help us make the most of our cryptocurrency portfolio.

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Limits and Liquidity makes handling and managing portfolios very simple. There is no specific limit on the transaction amount. Also there are a few limits on the method of uploading the data and updating your portfolio. If you upgrade your portfolio manually using the CSV import files then no subscription or private information required.

If you want to link up various portfolios together at, then you need to use the automatic method via API files. To avail the automated process, you need to pay a small amount of subscription fee. Also link up few of your details to make your portfolio more secure and organized. This platform offers three kinds of account plans – a free trial version, a pro version and an unlimited version. Each version has different features to offer. You can take your pick based on your analytical and reporting needs and preferences.


  • Concise directions – This website gives all the details regarding how to exchange, what to trade and at what time which makes dealing with cryptocurrency a lot simpler than it is.
  • Tax Reports – You can prepare tax reports within minutes. These reports help in keeping the tax policies in check and make the transactions of cryptocurrency legally sound.
  • Multiple Language Support – It is based on the German laws but can be translated into 12 other languages which make the website diverse and easy to use.
  • Efficient mobile application – It has applications that supported by Android as well as iOS. These applications fully equipped with all the required statistical information.


  • No Identity Verification – Since this Cointracking doesn’t require any identity verification. Users can fall prey to scams and frauds, which put a huge question mark on the security of the entire portal.



Cointracking respects the privacy of its users and hence allows them to carry out transactions anonymously. However, if your purchases cross an absolute limit, you need to undergo a three-step verification to maintain the authenticity of the website.

Cointracking Affiliate Programs

If you’re interested in earning some quick Bitcoins then all you need to do is sign up as an affiliate with Cointracking. Until and unless you register with the website, you won’t be able to take part in their affiliate program. Once you get the referral link, you will simply need to spread the word by sharing the link on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc and also on your blog or website. Every successful referral will earn you 20% of the purchase amount. The new subscriber will get 10% discount, which makes it a winning deal for both the referred user as well as the referrer.

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The referrer links don’t have expiration date, which implies that even if a user subscribes with Cointracking several years. After clicking on the link, you’ll still get your commission. The commission payout will be done directly to your Bitcoin wallet address.

Cointracking Affiliate Review

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With one of the best tracking platforms out there Cointracking comes highly recommended. For beginners and experts alike you should navigate through their sytem with ease. They also have a wealth of information available to you accompanied by excellent customer support.

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